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The documentnumber is very important within BIMlink. Our versioning is dependent on corresponding documentnumbers. When uploading a document BIMlink will check if the documentnumber is already present within the project. In case the same documentnumber is present, the new document will become a new version of this documentnumber.

When searching for documents it helps when the documents have coherent numbering. The documentnumber can already contain a lot of information about the document. It is an aggregation of multiple attributes of the document. A couple of important attributes that can be part of the documentnumber are:

  • the producer,
  • phasing,
  • building or building part,
  • type of document.

In order to combine versions of the same document within a certain documentnumber, some attributes should be excluded from the documentnumber, for example the status and version number.

A uniform numbering of documents is not only important for the functioning of BIMlink, it also enables you and your team to quickly search for and find the correct documents.

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