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Accounts and (sub)projects

An  account on BIMlink is a collection of databases containing data from one owner. This could be a real-estate developer or a building-project. A user on BIMlink can have access to multiple accounts and can switch between accounts and project by using one of the projectmenu’s.

Data and documents on BIMlink are organised in projects and sub-projects. A BIMlink account can contain multiple buildings that are organised in projects. Projects can be divided into sub-projects.  There are no folders in BIMlink, data and documents can be filtered according to their metadata. Users are free to add an unlimited amount of projects and sub-projects to their account.

Aside from structuring an account, project can also restrict

Examples of project structure based on locations and building (parts) in BIMlink:

  • Location Tree (project)
    1. Main building Stem (sub-project)
    2. Annex building Branch (sub-project)
    3. Garage Leaf (sub-project)

Example of structuring a project based on phasing:

  • Building Permits (project)
    1. Building Permit (sub-project)
    2. Use Permit (sub-project)
    3. Water Permit (sub-project)

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